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Quests Quests are user-submitted projects that we believe will help spread the message of inspiring people to live healthy, happy, and meaningful lives.

We can help you with many aspects and resources in connection with your ideas and projects. Among others, inspiration; funding; organizational and strategic guidance; leadership; focus and more.

We are not a traditional charity, but a foundation that will lead and inspire in letting your inner-seed grow. This will ultimately enable you to follow your bliss and your community.

We cannot inspire the world alone. We need your help. Whether you have a meditation event that needs a location, or an inspirational movie that needs funding, wants to be there to assist you.

You can send  your Quest Ideas to:

ULCA Extension/ Film and Television Internship Program offers a Fully Accredited UCLA Extension Internship Program.

The UCLA internship program allows individuals to receive credit for work performed with companies in the film, television, and entertainment media communities. Students must work a minimum of 100 hours in order to receive the 4 units of credit associated with this course. Reports are given to the instructor at the end of the internship outlining the work done and experience received. Their final grade is based on this report. Restricted course; call UCLA (310) 206-5064 for permission to enroll. Web enrollments automatically generate a “Permission to Enroll” request.

“Elephant Tribe has an immense advantage, it knows how to use different cultures, different skills, different mentalities, different people and point it all to a same objective: Inspire good. Everyone that walks into Elephant Tribe has an immediate impact on the projects by doing simply what is inherit to them: being themselves, contributing with his uniqueness, helping to build a respectful society that can cherish and harvest differences.” – Stefano Matteo, UCLA Film Extension Student and Screenwriter