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Our Film “Veins of Life” Wins First Place

Our Film “Veins of Life” wins first place in California Women’s Film Festival.

“Veins of Life” is a poetic adaptation of a passage from Hermann Hesse’s Bäume: Betrachtungen und Gedichte (Trees: Reflections and Poems) that celebrates life and nature. At the center of the story is Sayuri, who yearns to reconnect with her inner self. This longing brings her back to the forest of her childhood memories and dreams.

Directed by Muslima Gulyamova

Editor: Martina Albanelli

Produced by Frederiksen


  1. I see why you won. Truly excellent work.Keep it up.

    – Larry King

  2. You really earned this Henrik…very proud of the work you do bringing out persons’ potential and forging your general intent. Mark

  3. ….. so spiritual
    Very beautiful! Brought tears to my eyes to see how you’ve evolved your talent so. Congratulations to you and your team! It must feel good.

    – Elizabeth

  4. congratulations…that is fabulous

    – Stanley Silver

  5. Of course I’d love to attend the screening! If my dog is well enough to leave him with my husband, I will definitely go to the screening on this Saturday.

    Thank you, the pleasure and honor was mine to work with you all in “Veins of Life”!!!!!

    Hope to see you all on Saturday!:)

    Thank you so very much, Henrik-san, Muslima-san, Martina-san, Bruna-san, and Bennie-san !!!!!

    Best Wishes,


  6. Congrats to Henrik!

    We are very proud of you.


  7. HELLO,


    Such a Great NEWS!!!! 😃😃😃!!!

    You guys deserved it and I’m honestly proud of you ALL!
    Thank you for sharing good news with me, I’d love to come and watch it but I have an appointment tomorrow morning.
    However, I’d be happy to find it on any other platform to watch, this film sounds very good.

    Hope you doing great and girls too!

    Say Huge Hi to Anastasia, Martina, Muslima!!!!

    Congrats one again and Happy New Year!

    A Very good start for 2019! Wishing you more and more Awards in the future!

    Maiya 😊

  8. Henrik!

    Yes, it was such a great surprise to see you at the screening. I’ll let Michelle know you appreciated her performance. =)

    What great news about the California Women’s Film Festival! I’m so excited for everyone that was part of making the film. Congratulations to you all! Hope to see you (and work again with you) soon!


  9. Hi Henrik!

    What wonderful news! Congratulations to you and your team! I’ll talk to Julie and get back to you. Can’t wait to see it!!

    All my best,

  10. Love it……



  11. Racheal Ross

  12. That is beautiful; I definitely understand why it earned first place! Worth every bit of wonder & more.

  13. Thank you! Beautiful and please relay my congratulations to all involved.


  14. Beautiful!!

  15. Dear Henrik,

    I enjoyed your film immensely. Congratulations to the filmmakers!

    I watched it twice. The second time, I was able to spend more time absorbing the words.

    I respect your poet’s love of the natural world, and Hesse’s work, that you and your team brought to life. It spoke to me.

    The shot with the gnats in the dappled light was magic. And the cut to the woman right after; superb.

    Bravo to ElephantTribe!

    Warmest regards,

    Ps. I am doing great! Thanks for checking in.

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