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Our Film “Veins of Life” Wins First Place

Our Film “Veins of Life” wins first place in California Women’s Film Festival.

“Veins of Life” is a poetic adaptation of a passage from Hermann Hesse’s Bäume: Betrachtungen und Gedichte (Trees: Reflections and Poems) that celebrates life and nature. At the center of the story is Sayuri, who yearns to reconnect with her inner self. This longing brings her back to the forest of her childhood memories and dreams.

Directed by Muslima Gulyamova

Editor: Martina Albanelli

Produced by Frederiksen


  1. I see why you won. Truly excellent work.Keep it up.

    – Larry King

  2. You really earned this Henrik…very proud of the work you do bringing out persons’ potential and forging your general intent. Mark

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