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An Evening with Ludovico Einaudi at UCLA –> Creating a Route to the Soul

LudovicoLudovico Einaudi was recently asked why he thinks that his quiet, slow, idealistic music has become so popular.

“I think it’s because the world is so fast and disposable where more and more people are looking for an extension of lost privacy. Something which can help create a personal space. The music experience can become important in their lives, because they sense it’s made with a certain level of integrity.”

“The music itself is a metaphor for the idea of reflection, patience and privacy. A prayer of the internal which can become the eternal. It’s saying it and being it.”

“Melody and harmony is a mystery. In a way it’s about memory and a form of capturing and channeling time as well as what has gone before. It takes you somewhere else. To another place. Another time. Somewhere or something you may never have never actually experienced …. or one that is unique to you. You’re creating a route to the soul”


An Illuminating Evening with live music performed by Ludovico Einaudi at Royce Hall, UCLA –> Martina, Matt, Anastasia, Elizabeth, Muslima and Henrik

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