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About us was created with one thing in mind — To inspire every person to live healthy ∙ happy ∙ meaningful lives. It is my true love and passion to enable the absolute best in each and every one of us so that true beauty can outshine all forces and set the stage for true happiness. My personal journey battling cancer revealed to me the virtue of love, humility and the value of courage. With relentless support from others, I was able to gather the necessary fortitude that allowed me to recover and to continue with a deeper sense of the human heartbeat. We need each other. With each other we can live more meaningful lives. is a registered 501 (c)(3) nonprofit public benefit corporation dedicated to inspire people through a multi-platform of social media avenues. Our activities include inspirational film productions, motivational posts, excursions, events and other related activities that give people of all ages everywhere the chance to connect to their inner-self and embrace the gift of creating and living in a positively inspired world.

The elephant symbolizes the inner strength and wisdom that is within all of us. Carl Jung often spoke about the elephant as the symbol of the self. We at wish to make the seed inside everyone of us grow in a way that will enrich our journey in life. We’re all part of a bigger community and can benefit from living more meaningful and caring lives. Being part of means un-caging your inner-self and unleashing the hidden strength and power within you.

I have come to realize that a warrior of light in search of his dream must take his inspiration from what he actually does and not from what he imagines himself doing.

– Henrik (Founder