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From Someone to No One – homeless in Los Angeles | A Film Project currently in Production


In Los Angeles, the line between being someone and no one is just as thin as the line separating dreams from reality. On any given night, 50,000 people sleep on its streets.

“From Someone to No One” is a series of short films that depicts the homeless challenges in Los Angeles through a mirror perspective. The series confronts the meaning of being homeless and challenges our assumptions of what life on the streets is truly about.

We were born into this world to see it and listen to it….. each of us has meaning in our lives.

Scheduled episodes in production:

Film Series – Everyday:

1. Morning:  Every day. The sun makes its appearance in the horizon. The city makes a feeble attempt to wake up. Different people follow similar morning routines. A man explains his interest in the yoga ritual “Sun Salutation”. In this magical time of the day, our perceptions may trick us. Who is this man speaking to us?

2. Noon:  When the sun is already high in the sky, two different people turn their eyes to the same vibrant city for inspiration.

3. Night:  The Night Falls on Everyone.

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